"Only the Canucks touches my white white furrrr"

She loves the Canucks as much I as do ;)

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Rings I’d Want on My Finger

By NervousSystem using “interactive software to morph, twist, and subdivide each design, transforming a simple mesh to a complex patterned structure.” Ring is made from Stainless Steel, $30. I own one of their other designs…. absolutely GORGEOUS.

By SilverBeyondOrdinary and their famous Baby Louie skull ring, made of Sterling silver, $75.

By Elseetee2, super beautiful and magical customized ring made from mixed crystals. Imagine punching someone with this baby!! $165, made in BC.

By SpiffingJewelry an awesome way to commemorate an event by having your location stamped onto a ring. It’s mysterious, unique, and nostalgic. Ring can either be made from aluminum $16 or Sterling Silver $30-ish.

By Mujoyas, seriously, how can you NOT love this ring? The tiles slide, giving it such a cool concept for a ring! Fun and preeettyyyy!! $99, Sterling Silver

By UrbanRevisions, One-of-a-Kind Glass cluster ring. Elegant and a conversation piece. I looovvee it. But knowing me? I’ll break this in like within the hour. Ahaha, $40 and comes in different colors!


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ETSY FAVES: Phenomenal Bath & Beauty Artisans

This is probably a reiteration of a past blog, but it just goes to show how awesome these women are in creating some snazzy oh-my-god-i-can’t-live-without-them products. I’ve been on etsy for 3 years… second only to my lifetime on Facebook ahahah.

All these artisans lead a very stringent organic, all-natural, healthy, and homemade philosophy. Which is admirable and makes the investment all the more worth it.



Cordelia is probably the seller I MOST frequent with. She is absolutely a soap goddess and my closet perpetually smells like heaven because of her soaps. There’s really no such thing as hoarding when it comes to her soaps. I stock up frequently just because it’s the main soap in my bathroom. And every bubble that comes out of that creamy lather, is a little pop of heaven.

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Cory is also sweet enough to customize some stuff for me :) So she’s an A+ on my gradebook :) My absolute all time favorites are her shea butter soaps and lotion in Sea Spa, Green Tea and Earl Grey scents.



Can’t say enough how unique and mysterious Jill Mckeever’s product line is. To be honest, one of the best, most streamlined & beautiful I’ve seen for a small business. I’ve mentioned countless of times, that marketing is about being able to capture imagination whilst being able to weave a sustainable story. And Jill really succeeds in doing both. Although her products are not for everyone, it surely also makes her groupies a solid and loyal fanbase. And it’s no mystery, I am one of them.

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: I am a fan of her perfume oils! SWEET ANDROGYNY. But the greatest item in Jill’s repertoire… are her LIPBALMS. They are in my opinion, the best on etsy. I carry around a tube of CLOVE and ABSYNTH in my bag, everyday… 24/7.



After watching Dr. Oz harp about the worst source of harmful chemicals in cosmetics, ie THE LIPSTICK and LIP GLOSS, I thought eeeeeeewwwww it’s like freely injesting poison. Although I rarely wear any, I wear lipbalms all the time and having them tinted to resemble or even replace lipsticks is a pretty logical thought process.

And Ophelia’s is my favorite! She’s generous with the color, but best of all it’s a great quality, smooth, long-lasting lipblam/lipstick that’s organic and all-natural. It’s like putting on colored butter on your lips. It’s fantastic!!!

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Wineberry and Maude Lip Tints. I have them on me every day.



Laura is a blessing :) I’ve been using her shampoo bars for a while now! And they’ve always been a great partner to my Sweet Petula soaps :D I haven’t been using OTC shampoos for a year now, and DressGreen’s Rosemary Peppermint Soap bar is a beautiful thing :) On top of that, I also use her Rose scented toner, which is very very mild! AND!! For blemishes and the occasional pimple, I’ve been religiously using her Purifying & Blemish Controlling Facial Serum. Works like magic!!!! (FOR REALS!!!!)

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Her facial serums and Shampoo Bars!!!



Roberta is a Vancouver local whom I met last year during a Christmas market downtown :D She’s super sweet! And I decided to try her Blue Malva Shampoo bar. And it was just one of those things that worked immediately and hence began a beautiful friendship between me and Ripe. I just met her again last week to buy my Fall’s supply of Blue Malva. Although I’ve also used Dressgreen’s, I noticed Ripe’s Blue Malva works better during the cold season. And THAT is super important to me. 

Roberta is fast expanding and she just gave me a little sample of a cream she’s been working on. And by God, I’ve been using it on my face for 2 days as a moisturizer… and with the bitter Vancouver wind, it has proven itself HIGHLY effective. Love her work, love her philosophy, and love the fact that she’s expanding!

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Blue Malva Shampoo Bar… and soon, her Sunflower oil cream.


HAUNT or for store opening announcements

Last but certainly NOT the least, is HAUNT SOAPS. Haunt is probably the MOST SUCCESSFUL Etsian. Erin only opens her store ONCE A YEAR for a maximum of 3-5 days. And literally, I kid you not, her products fly off like crazy. On the day that she opened for the year, I had to run to the nearest Starbucks and fought off hundreds of customers who were already circling the site like sharks to grab a piece of her heavenly goods. I personally treasure her lipbalms and soap!

Like ForStrangeWomen, Haunt is another one-woman business that has succeeded immensely in creating a hauntingly beautiful branding and packaging. When my orders arrived, it came in the best presentation I have ever seen from an online seller. It was all about personalization and experience. 

I am truly sad that she can’t open her store 365 days a year. Erin is an inspiring mother who needs to take care of her special son. But even after being on hiatus for 360 days, Haunt’s products is guaranteed to be sold out within 2 hours. It’s all about how fast your fingers are in checking out…..


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Vancouver Events: HOT ONE INCH ACTION 2010

I have never been to a Button Swap before… nor have I ever heard of such a thing. And let’s be honest, this sounds like something I WOULD DEFINITELY GO TO ahahahhaha. Unleash your inner dork.

The show is simply:

"Conceived by Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen in 2004, Hot One Inch Action is the original, one-night only show of button art, music and social interaction in Vancouver, BC.

1) The original work of fifty different artists is presented on one inch buttons.

2) These one inch buttons are displayed on the gallery wall and the audience is offered the opportunity to buy randomly selected buttons in mixed bags of five for $5.

3) If the bag purchased does not have the desired button, trade with the people around you. How bad do you want that button?! That’s when the hot action starts”


Such a simple but highly creative event that promotes local artists and let you socialize with random fellow cooler dorks. I LLLLLOOOOOVVVEEE it!!!!

So i show up ya? And I only have $5 in cash, good for 5 limited buttons. From the start, I had no ammo. Bu thanks to my pals Jenn and Ashli (you guys are my babies!!!!), they basically gave me 2-3 more just to make my night more interesting :D. Some people had like a gazillion buttons….

I can’t believe how many people turned up for a swap meet of 1-inch buttons! The gallery was like overflowing with hot swap action. Random strangers looking over your shoulder for your button bounty, people tapping you and some appearing out of no where saying, “Show me watcha got!”

These events really bring out the quirky side of Vancouver. It also shows you how important creativity is in any society. Creativity and Booze… IS ALL YOU NEED to run a successful show.

The girls, Jenn is the Queen Bee of haggling and snagging those hard to find buttons.

My dress is a hot pink vintage number from Cest La Vie.

Jenn and me, super happy because she got me my sugar skull pins.

Gallery Gachet on East Cordova, where the intimately hilarious event took place.


My favorites are the fat bird and LV Button which says, “Boosting Egos since 1854”



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Vancouver Events: THRILL THE WORLD 2010

I had just witnessed one of the most awesome things ever. 

Yesterday at 1pm, I somehow stumbled upon it while researching on Halloween events to go to. The Vancouver Thrill the World 2010 dance off. With the show at 4pm, I quickly had lunch with my siblings and ran off to Yaletown by 3:30 so I can get a good spot. It was raining, freezing, gusty, and that didn’t stop almost 300 ghouls & bloody souls dressed in their finest pre-Halloween costumes to take part in an epic performance of Michael Jackson’s infamous (and absolutely still the greatest music video of ALL TIME), THRILLER.

From Argentina to Australia, Holland to Germany, the States, Tokyo and major cities of Canada, people put on their game faces in a global attempt to break the world record for the largest simultaneous Thriller dance.  

And after that, some pics from mingling….

Keep THRILLING the World!!! And Happy Halloweeeeeennnnnnn!!!!!!!!!


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Vancouver Events: RoBotS & MoNsTeRs Art Show

Vancouver is quite nurturing for underground street artists, and even though they may not get the government support that they’ve always campaigned for, artists in Vancouver is socially welcomed, supported, and celebrated.

Such with the intimate but super cool Robots & Monsters Art Show held in Ayden Gallery last October 22. 

I must say, I am quite impressed by the creativity and funky philosophy of the artists. Their art is nontraditional, quirky, even sometimes dark, but it’s beautiful non the less. Thanks to Jenn H. for always keeping me in the loop for these great little events.

But I think my RUNAWAY favorite, is MEGAN MAJEWSKI…. dark, but awesome stuff :D Super entertaining to see :D


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Vancouver Hot Spots: SALT on BLOOD ALLEY

Vancouver has yet again surprised me.

There’s an alley in Historic Gastown that sports a super awesome name……


Seriously, maybe it’s the little nerdy leprechaun in my head that’s finding this really, really cool… to have your address say Blood Alley Sq. It’s very macabre as the alley too is notorious for being the meeting place for a lot of the more shady characters in town. But with that extreme, it’s also home to some of the chicest & trendy little restaurants in town. It’s just quite disconcerting when you’re having a fabulous dinner of wine, tapas, and cheese… and then there’s a junkie right outside starring into the windows.

That being said, nothing seems to be stopping some of Vancouver’s most respectable and sociable from flocking to this dark, moody, creepy alley. History has speculated that it’s named so because during the previous century, the alley was home to the city’s butchers. And at the end of the day, the streets would wreak and run of blood and guts. Another rumor has it, that the area was where public executions were held. Whatever’s the story, the name has gained fame.

Struggling through its cobbled steps on my Armani and Vogs isn’t the most ladylike trek I have ever made. But the creepiness is overthrown once you get into SALT TASTING ROOM. 

SALT is quite a unique experience. It’s basically a tasting room, that serves cheese, tapas, wine…. 

The interiors are quaint too. Brick walls! OH HOW I LOVE BRICK WALLS!!

Over all, this is a bistro-esque hot spot. They do offer full meals, but it’s also a wonderful place to hang out and have little side dishes coupled with some wine (not the best, but it’ll do :)). 


Blood Alley, Gastown, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C7


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Beyond Skin Deep: Vancouver & Body Art

Before anything else, Jen Hernandez (while she’s still developing her formal site) and I would like to personally thank and dedicate this to the City of Vancouver (and that one amazing lady from England) for being the coolest people in the world. For being gung-ho and sharing with us their art, embracing 2 curious arts students running up and down Granville & Davie and giving us a smile when we ask for your photo, and for wishing us luck in this tiny project.

Also a special thank you to the kind awesome folks of Adrenaline, The Fall, Urban Outfitters, the Arts Institute.

For all the wonderful contributors in this project, if you stumble upon this blog and would like to have a copy of your omg-amazing photo, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will most happily email you your photo(s). 

I was invited by Jen Hernandez, a fellow A.I. Graphic Arts student to work with her on her final graduating thesis, which fate had it, were about tattoos. God only knows how long I had been wanting to take photos of people with tattoos, even back in the Philippines… it’s just that 1) there aren’t that many people who blatantly wear their ink for all to see, 2) It’s still taboo, 3) They aren’t as amazing as what Vancouver has….

Writing about the whole 2 month experience (and a thousand or so pics that we have taken) needs a little reflection too. Being someone who loves arts and culture, Tattoos are a fascinating human and social subject. And coming from a rather conservative (vis a vis body arts in general) city like Manila, seeing all kinds of tats in Vancouver boldly displayed like badges of honor is an eye opener. First, they are truly amazing works of art, and second, there’s always a great story behind it, and third, the people are some of the funniest, most down to earth, and accommodating subjects I have ever met. It also tells a lot about the Vancouver culture of being open to all kinds of self-expression…

And after all the random strangers we’ve met and photographed, I can honestly tell you 4 things:

1) Tattoo’s are probably the highest form of self-expression

2) They should be also categorized as a branch of fashion

3) They should be respected as a field of arts. There is nothing more challenging than a living, breathing, aging, moving piece of canvas.

4) Expect the Unexpected.


In Photo: Micheal Blinsky, Adrenaline

Everyone we had photographed had a quip or a passionate story about their tattoos. Whether it’s the names of their family members done in aboriginal art, or the tribulations they have witnessed, or as a result of one drunken night, or even because they love something so much that they paid their highest respects to it by having it inked on their bodies.

The story is JUST AS FASCINATING as the art, artist, and wearer. We’ve heard too many variations, and still the process, planning, designing, and execution of it still entertains me every time we ask, “So what does your tattoo mean to you?”


In Photo: Chee Lai and her flight of birds

This may probably be a weird way of looking it. But just as we all love to get earrings, our nails done, our hair done… tattoos are just the same thing as make-up… only this time, it’s a permanent investment. It is also something YOU own for the rest of your life.

A lot of fashion designers have incorporated this culture into their body of work. From Ed Hardy, to Gucci, to Chanel’s temporary skin art (don’t believe? they go for $75).

So in a way, tattoos are aspirational fashion. and they say, once you start… you cannot stop adding and adding to the collection. 



Photo: Vancouver Pride Parade

Watching tattoo artists do their thing can be both nerve-racking (that ear jarring sound of the machine) and entertaining at the same time. They are also topnotch illustrators. Imagine putting your trust on someone who will etch a permanently identifying mark on your body. It takes a whole lotta research, trust, and collaborative design for someone who’s wanting to get a tattoo. Some people have said it took them 5 or even 10 years of planning. And why not? It’s a lifelong commitment.

There is simply no trial and error when in comes to tattoos.


As I’ve said, meeting the tattoo community is one of the funnest things I have ever done. 99% of the people we’ve talked to are gung-ho and proud of their skin art. Not a bad statistic at all.

They are also some of the most unexpected people around. Sometimes you meet someone clad in leather and chains, and you would think, ah! That guy has a tattoo. And it turns out he doesn’t. And then comes along a guy in a Ralph Lauren suit and he has tattoos all over his arms and legs. I sat with this fellow on the train on my way home from school, and too bad I didn’t have my camera with me, because he showed the tats on his arms and calf. It was work-in-progress mural that tells a story about his life and family. And he works as a banker.

I also met a woman on a wheelchair on the train and she had a huge beautiful, amazing monarch butterfly tattoo that spanned the entirety of her upper chest, just above her breasts. Sadly she suffered from a stroke and couldn’t speak very well. But her husband proudly told me what she was intending to say. She said that she got her tattoo in LA, and the butterfly symbolized her 2nd chance in life. She also said she was planning to get another one soon in Vancouver to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. To be honest, I was truly humbled by her. Here she was paralyzed forever, but her optimism was just inspiring.

Again, I didn’t have my camera. You meet the most amazing people and you had no way of documenting it. Dangit :D Wish i can shrink the D300 to a pocket size camera.

So here goes, just some of my personal favorites :D ENNNJJJOOOOOYYYY!!!!

The photographs on this blog are subject to copyright and in no way can be reproduced or copied for personal or commercial purposes without the consent of the authors.


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Photoshoot#4: Ais for Tenille Oppen

Tenille’s Photoshoot is one that was done in quick haste and a lot of compromises due to awful weather conditions and extremely bad lighting. We ended up shooting in school!! It was at first such a let down, but we quickly turned things around when we realized that the school has actually some awesome spots… you just had to know where to look :D

Photography by: Aislinn Chuahiock

Styling by: Tenille Oppen

Hair & Make-up by: (tenille who’s your awesome make-up artist?)

Models: Kirby Morgan, Brittney June, and of course Chee Lai (am really getting tired of seeing Chee ahahahahhahahaha :D :D :D :D) Location: The Arts Institute


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A Tattooed Trooper // by Philip Moy Photography


A Tattooed Trooper // by Philip Moy Photography

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